Experience AVL has an excellent reputation for integrating audio and visual equipment. From corporate boardrooms to classrooms, we offer the finest equipment — integrated by certified professionals. We know how to ensure your system’s integration is planned and executed for maximum effect and usage.

Project Management

From the initial concept through the design, documentation, installation, testing and checkout stages, we give your project our thorough attention.


System Design – starting with a needs assessment focusing on user goals for functionality and impact, we assure your requirements will be met.


Churches, gymnasiums, auditoriums, corporate board rooms, even hospitals. Experience AVL has installed audio, video and lighting systems in any number of different venues. From new construction to desperately needed upgrades.

We’ll review your production needs to make your facility work properly and do it within your budget.


Integrated Systems Engineering – we design audio, video, lighting, and control systems with end-user ease of use and long term operating success in mind.


As consultants,  Experience AVL integrate sophisticated audio, video, theatrical lighting, and technical systems into an optimized acoustical environment. Thoroughly immersed in the latest AVL technologies, our AVL consultants understand multi-media, entertainment, performance, and presentation technologies, their integration, and their performance capabilities in varying acoustical environments and venues.

We work closely with architects, facilities managers, worship leaders, and technical directors to design and integrate custom audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems optimized for each particular venue and acoustical environment, ensuring crisp, clear, vivid, sight and sound reproduction that engages and captivates audiences.

We have no affiliations with any particular brands, products, technologies, or suppliers. We design and consult independently, bringing objectivity and unbiased AVL recommendations and solutions. We help clients specify the appropriate technology for each situation and manage and ensure its proper installation and operation.

Experience AVL’s consultation services also include:
– the selection and specification of audio system components
– the proper integration of technical systems with acoustical environments

Acoustic Management and Treatment

As acoustical consultants,  Experience AVL will provide acoustical consultation to architects, engineers, facilities directors, and building-owners. Consulted frequently in the conceptual design and pre-construction stages, our independent acoustical consultants work collaboratively with design professionals to make the proper design decisions regarding size and shape of spaces, construction materials to be used, and the design and placement of mechanical systems.

We review architectural plans, conduct site evaluations, research applicable noise ordinances and use sophisticated predictive modeling software to deliver the desired acoustical results and the most appropriate, cost-effective acoustical recommendations.

As acoustical consultants, our objective is to diagnose potential acoustical design problems and solve them—before these problems are built into structures. However, if a facility is already built, our we can also consult on acoustic modifications to achieve the desired results.

And as independent acoustical consultants, we aren’t aligned with any particular products or contractors. We only work for you—the architect, engineer, building-owner, and facility manager—ensuring the most viable, effective, efficient solutions.

Service and Training

The Experience AVL team is proud to host demonstrations, training sessions, open houses and other events from time to time.

Be sure to check back often for upcoming training classes and other events, and take advantage of our convenient, on-line registration.

We provide competitive bids in order to fit your budget, large or small.

We’d be happy to give you a quote on an installation project. For more information, call 559-667-4130 x101 or email our Sales Manager at

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